i'm notableto use the search with any of my indexers.
i've got the page with caregories' but as soon i click on one, it seems to work a few seconds and then nzb360 stops itself.
i'm on android.
which information do u need ?
i already deactivated the lastpass integration but is not the solution.
But now i have a bigger problem : i have the same error about 10 seconds after i start nzb360.
No matter what i'm doing or where i am.
i can't use it anymore.
maybe remove it and reinstall it ?
uninstalled and reinstalled.
same problem.
is there a debug log of so that i could send to you ?
it seems the problem is with nzbdrone : i activated sabnzb first and had no error.
as soon as thenzbdrone feature is up and running, i'vegot the error.
this is now one day that i can't use my nzb360 at all on my galaxy tab.
i even reinstalled the stock version of the rom, but the problem is still here : as soon as i activate nzbdrone, nzb360 crashes after 30 seconds.
It seems to me that the problem is related to the connection used : it freezes if a big amount of data has to be retrieved.
i had this problem with the search and look at the attached snapshot what i've got ..