I'm still getting ads, even though I'm a pro user here, specifically on imdb page.

Also, would it be possible to drop certain things from the imdb page, so that it would look more like an in-app page, rather than a webpage?

I'm specifically talking about the whole top menu bar including the search box:
and everything following and including "news" section. (also note the ad for kindle fire hdx)
Reasoning here is that I'm looking for the imdb info of a specific nzb when I'm accessing this page via your app - I don't want to search for other movies, or read news and other stuff like that at this point.
What you are seeing is a browser that has loaded the IMDb page. The ads are from IMDb not the app. The app doesn't even have any ads...

Any changes you want made to that page you should ask the people at IMDb about. So basically 'No' to all your questions...
Yeah, as f3b mentioned, this is simply a web browser hosted within nzb360 that shows the mobile IMDb page. I have no control over what components get rendered. I wish I did, as I would love to improve this experience, but there really isn't much I can do.