When I click a link from the indexer, full webpage is displayed, which looks very amateuristic imho.
All we need is the frame containing info to the particular nzb.

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Yeah, this is another instance of me just hosting the details page in a web browser. I can't remove components of these sites, because every site is different.

Back in the NZBMatrix days, this experience was a lot better. I parsed a lot of the information for you, and didn't host the web browser, since I was only dealing with one indexer. Now that I support ALL newznab indexers, there isn't much I can do to improve this, as each NN indexer is different.
f3bruary wrote:All info you need can be seen in the search results. For more, download the nfo. 2nd ridiculous request if you ask me
well, I didn't ask YOU.

Please keep your "ridiculous" comments to yourself, be respectful.

When I'm browsing my indexer on nzb360, I like the extra info given on the info page.
It would be a far more streamlined experience if you only get the frame that displays the info you need.
A simple redirect would be all that's needed, and that would really clean things up. Or even just blocking the unwanted frames (like you can do with adblock plus for instance), I'm sure that can be easily incorporated.

I just think that by ONLY displaying the info needed, it would look more like part of the app, instead of just displaying a webpage.
You posted a message on a public forum. Everyone can answer. If you don't want other people to join the discussion then you should send private messages or emails. I didn't mean disrespect, but your requests just sound ridiculous. Maybe it's the way you describe them like 'I'm still getting ads, even though I'm a pro user here, specifically on imdb page.'. And you posting feature requests in the Bug Reports section.

You talk about how manipulating web content is easy, but it's not. Especially if you have to do it for multiple website and over again when they change the layout.

Have you looked at the Search result view ? It contains Title, year, release name, size, rating, upload date and the amount of downloads. Basically everything I see in your screenshots. What else do you want ?