When I mark a show as wanted through the web interface in sickrage it automatically starts a backlog search and snatches found episodes.

When is mark a show as wanted in nzb360 it does not trigger the backlog search, instead it just marks the show as wanted and I have to hit the manual search button. Not really a huge deal, but would be awesome when I select a bunch of back episodes.
I've been unable to connect since the last few updates of sickrage - sickrage log shows nothing, not sure if theres an NZB360 log I can take a look at? Thought this may be an issue with my SR, however web UI and browser addons are still functioning so as far as I can tell its specific to 360. My other NZB360 functions have been working as normal.
Kev wrote:Were there any updates to SR recently?
yeah there's been a few

edit: after updating SR again today it's working again, guess it was server side