Here is a couple bug report /feature request :

NZBget R13 (I understand you don't generally support beta version but sooner or later those feature will end in the master branch):
  • When a download is extracting it will duplicate at the top of the download list and leave a 3-4 line gap between the next
  • In history the status should be the same as nzbget (duplicate / failed / bad /good). Example : right now if the unpack status is set to none, the download status is unknown while it should be success
  • There is a new "force" priority (I really miss this one and I guess it should be an easy fix)
  • (Already reported) In history, size is wrong on most of my movie (~4 time to small)
NzbDrone :
  • Somehow the Missed tab is never showing the same thing as the webui. At first I though it was just a problem of time zone, but right now I have an 11days old episode in nzbdrone not showing in nzb360
  • Episodes in unmonitered season are displayed in all grey even if they are already download. I'd prefer having the quality and size in green and maybe the name in grey. Or even better have an indicator similar to the one in nzbdrone to display the monitor / unmonitor status
PS : Even with those bug, nzb360 is awesome