f3bruary wrote:An update just got pushed and my CP went totally nuts. Downloaded false movies and all. Really weird.

NZB360 isn't working either anymore. line 1 column 32 error.
I had the same problem. You are running from source (as I am) and basically they completely changed the tables in the database, and it merges your managed list with your wanted list then tries to redownload everything.

I believe they also changed the API so I found nzb360 and maraschino couldn't communicate anymore with CouchPotato.

To fix the db issues, you need to remove the files from the install dir, and delete your DB (write down your wanted list movies) then reinstall and rescan your media into CP. Then re add your wanted list movies. Mine is now working after doing this.

I kept my settings.conf file in the config folder though so I wouldn't have to reset up everything. While CP is now working fine, no other program I use can communicate still via API.

I assume they made these database changes for stability proposes on future releases, but had I not found it when I did, I would have blasted through my download cap in a single night!
hmm I'm not really experiencing any DB issues, at least not as far I can tell. CP seems to work fine now. I don't know if any of the latest commits had anything to do with that. The only issue that I currently have is the API.
Hmm, this is a much bigger update/problem than I thought. This won't be easy to support both the old version and this new update. Almost everything in the API changed.

I might not be able to support the git version until it officially releases. Not sure what I am going to do at the moment.
Quick update... things are progressing smoothly, but there will be a change in distribution for a moment. The new version will include an option to download a beta for the new CP integration.

There is simply no easy way to support the old and new CP in the same app, so I will have to fork the distribution until CP officially releases with this change.

Stay tuned.
mrxiii wrote:Would it not be easier to have CPS github version as a separate service within the app instead of forking the development?
New services require a lot of plumbing code. All new settings, activities, layouts, startup services, back button menus, etc.

I talked with the dev of CP, and he is planning on pushing out the official release in about 2 weeks. So this will be a small fork, and then everyone will re-sync once it goes live.

I should have the new update out tomorrow if all goes well.