So this is occurring for me in the search of indexers main option.

I am reasonable sure it isn't my fat fingers, but when I go to look at the pop up (3 vertical dots, left and side), which presents the nzb filename.. the option to send to SABnzbd etc. So instead of getting the mini menu pop up, the ssearch results list jumps to another part of the search list results. I don't know if it is the actual result itself, which is triggering the jump or just something else.

It is easiest to spot this occurring when the files have different formats, like HDR 4K etc.

I noticed it when looking at multiple matches, and I wanted to see who had created the file.


I think fat fingers ...... I was hitting to close to edge and hitting the scroll bar, and to far to the left and bringing up the web page for the NZB. It has to be dead on.

Sorry for being an arse.