First of all i love Bazarr-support! Thanks for that!

When filling in the bazarr-settings just ike I do on my laptop, I am not able to connect. Testing tells me 'failed to conneft to primary address', but on my laptop it is working. I am quite sure the api is ok.

Help? :-)
Same. I'm unable to authenticate. Bazarr version

Edit: Upgraded to Bazarr Version: & authentication is working for me. FWIW, it's sitting behind a Traefik v2.2 reverse proxy.
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First, you MUST be using v0.9 or higher, as it's the only version with an API for third parties. Try removing the /Bazarr and see if that works.
Mine is v0.9.0.2 behind a NGINX reverse proxy. I've used the same format as all the others with no joy. I'll have to try it with a local IP when I'm home