Long time admirer of the app. I've had the Upcoming Episodes widget for a while. Working OK on my Pixel 4. Some feedback on the bugs and thoughts:

1) I'd get rid of the network to the right and just have the time.
2) The tick for 'got' is nice. But also good to use the background colours
3) Possibly some smarts to know when an entire season is dropping and summarise that (e.g. Jones Diary (S01E01-E10) as a single line)
4) Bug: Back ground Colour Settings - The swirly wheel shows VERY subdued colours essentially just tones of grey)
5) Perhaps a way to match the same background colours for row and background?
6) Perhaps remove the 'line' between shows coming on the same day? Doesn't seem needed and looks a bit garish?
1) This is an option in the Widget's settings =)
2) Are you saying you want to customize the color here?
3) That would be nice, indeed.
4) If you lower the saturation slider, than yeah, they will all look gray. Increase the saturation slider to get full colors.
5) Good idea!
6) Can you post a screenshot to what you're referring to?