Been using this app for a couple years and bought PRO version too. I recently just switched my firewall out to OPNsense and have been resolving some issues with the NAXSI rules in NGINX. They are blocking some common user agents used by bots and other unwanted things, and it appears that the User Agent sent by NZB360 matches their regex for blocking. This is preventing the Sonarr series episodes from displaying, they just show 0 for every season. After enabling debug mode on the WAF I noticed that when going into a series, the user agent is different? The WAF is blocking "okhttp/2.7.5" when going into the series, but outside of that the agent is blank ( "" ). ???

Can this be changed to something that could identify the Android app rather than a generic agent? I am going to post in the OPNsense forum too, but it looks like this is not something that is changeable through the GUI, which means that if I modify the nginx.conf file it will be overwritten by configd next time that runs.