I'm using nzb360 with two servers that are running SABnzbd. I've noticed warnings being generated in the SABnzbd web interface when I switch between servers in nzb360. Currently running nzb360 v13.3.

Here are the steps in nzb360 to reproduce the issue:
  1. Start on the SABnzbd tab of ServerA. Requests are sent from nzb360 to ServerA using API_KEY_A.
  2. Swipe open the side navigation drawer
  3. Select ServerB from the server drop-down menu
    • At this point, the ServerA web interface begins showing API key warnings. I think that nzb360 is sending requests to ServerA with API_KEY_B.
      SABnzbd Web Interface wrote:API key incorrect, Use the API key from Config->General in your 3rd party program: (X-Forwarded-For: <redacted-ip>)>okhttp/4.0.1
  4. Select SABnzbd from the side navigation drawer
    • The warning messages stop on ServerA, and requests are now being sent to ServerB using API_KEY_B.
Are you able to reproduce this behavior?
OK, so I can confirm something isn't quite right.

So I tested it by going to

1. Server 1 (SABnzbd), request history, history would appear.
2. Goto Server 2 (SABnzbd), request history and nothing would come (no spinning loading symbol would appear).

Now if I swapped to Sonarr on Server 2, it would display it's tv shows. If then I switched back to SABnzbd on the same server (2) the loading symbol would appear along with the history.