Hi !
When I search for release "manually" (in order to see all indexers result for a search even those with rejections) and try to add the download, I have a weird message :
"Couldn't download release. Try again. Error { "message": "NotFound" }
In my sonarr logs, I only see the search request but nothing about the action on download button in NZB360.
Is there a place to see NZB360 logs ?

FYI, my sonarr is on Xpenelogy and updated to last version (from 14 August 19)
The problem is here for months. I didn't take time to write in the forum before, I hoped that an update of sonarr or nzb360 would have solve the issue.
Restarts of sonarr don't works, reinstall of sonarr neither, reinstall of nzb360 neither