I have been trying to use NZB360 for months. It use to crash immediately so I reached out to the developer after searching online and he told me it was a memory issue. I recently bought a Note 10+ (12gb ram 256 HDD). It loads now, after a minute or 2 it crashes again. I am open to any suggestions. I have a dedicated server running Ryzen 7 1700, 32 gb ram , 1tb SSD (OS) and appox 100 TB of spinners. My collection is appox 1400 TV series and 9000 movies. Open to changing NZB360 setup what ever it takes...
Actually all 3. Sonarr, Radarr and Lidarr. I can access all 3 over local network via chrome browser, but through the app only for a few seconds on local or other.
hmm you'll need to wait for the dev's response. In the meantime it would be useful if you can provide your Android version, NZB360 version, and the versions of the services you use.