When looking at the history tab for NZBGet the file sizes that are shown are incorrect. Looking at history in a web browser shows a file that is 7.61GB, the same entry in NZB360 shows 3.6GB. The size seems accurate if the size is less than 1GB. Above 1GB or so they are displayed too low. This is happening on my Nexus7 and my Motorola Defy XT.

Let me know what other kind of info you need from me.

edit: changed title
Kev, first post on here. Thank you for your continued efforts on this great app.

I was wondering whether you've managed to make any progress on this particular bug. FYI - I'm using your latest version (pro, beta - to support CP git version)

Happy to provide additional information as you see fit.
I haven't tackled the NZBGet issues yet. CP and NzbDrone keep changing their stuff, and with my recent basement flood, I have been light on time to tackle it.

No worries though, it's still very high on the priority list.