Kev, I had contacted you through the app feedback form about this issue. I figured I would go ahead and post more details here as I have done some additional testing.

My phone recently updated to v11.2.1 and I am now unable to connect to my reverse proxied NZBGet instance. No credentials or URL changes have been made. Web interface works just fine.

All other services work fine: Sonarr, radarr, rtorrent, and nzbhydra2.

Furthermore, my LineageOS tablet (which doesn't get updated often) is still on v11.1.8 and it has no issues connecting to the very same NZBGet instance.

I did not see any errors in the NZBGet log, here is what I have noticed in my NGINX log. It appears that the version on my phone is leaving out my username at the start of the request, whereas the older version on my tablet does not.

This is causing my phone to get a 401 unauthorized which NZB360 treats as simply being unable to communicate with the URL.

NGINX Access logs:

Phone NZB360 v11.2.1
xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx - - [22/Apr/2018:06:40:06 -0500] "POST /xmlrpc HTTP/1.1" 401 5 "-" "-"
xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx - - [22/Apr/2018:06:40:47 -0500] "POST /xmlrpc HTTP/1.1" 401 5 "-" "-"

Tablet NZB360 v11.1.8
xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx - weirdcrap [22/Apr/2018:06:41:26 -0500] "POST /xmlrpc HTTP/1.1" 200 134 "-" "-"
xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx - weirdcrap [22/Apr/2018:06:41:26 -0500] "POST /xmlrpc HTTP/1.1" 200 4990 "-" "-"
xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx - weirdcrap [22/Apr/2018:06:41:45 -0500] "POST /xmlrpc HTTP/1.1" 200 125 "-" "-"

EDIT: Fixed tablet nzb360 version, it is .8 not .18
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It appears that I'm also unable to connect to my NzbGet, which is running behind nginx, or any my friend's NzbGet instances that aren't behind a reverse proxy.

Sonarr and Radarr connect OK.

I can connect to all NzbGet instances via the web browser, but not the app.

Any ideas please?

weirdcrap wrote:
Kev wrote:
Sun Apr 22, 2018 2:27 pm
Can one of you send me your nzbget connection details via PM?

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Sent, thanks for looking into it.
You beat me to it weirdcrap Image

Let me know Kev if you still want my details as well.
Thanks for the quick fix. BTW also a huge thanks for the rTorrent support, I don't know why but for the last year or so Transdrone constantly crashes on me so I was absolutely thrilled when I saw you had finally added it! Now one application handles all of my needs!