I'm trying to get nzb360 working with a NGIX Proxy & HTTP Basic Authentication. My setup seems to work in the browser and in nzb360 with Transmission, Sonarr & Radarr but I'm having difficulties with nzbget. The Primary Connection Address is more or less the same for all services:

Somehow when testing the connection nzb360 doesn't seem to authenticate. This does only happen with the nzbget service in nzb360.

X.X.X.X - - [25/Mar/2018:08:42:57 +0000] "POST /nzbget/xmlrpc HTTP/1.1" 401 204 "-" "-"

2018/03/25 08:44:35 [info] 2186#2186: *19527 no user/password was provided for basic authentication, client: X.X.X.X, server: host.tld, request: "POST /nzbget/xmlrpc HTTP/1.1", host: "host.tld"

Without HTTP authentication everything works as expected.