I emailed about this as well but not sure if you saw it yet.

My Radarr points to a \Movies\ share. I separate that share into a few sub-folders. (Kids, Movies, Anime).

Any movie I add will fall into one of those folders. But Radarr always shows the path to any movie as just \Movies\. If I jump to the WebUI for Radarr, the path is properly represented as \Movies\Normal\ for that title.

If I change the path within nzb360, it does show me the option to choose one of those subfolders. But even if I do that, it never 'sticks'.

"Movie A" is in Radarr and being monitored. It isn't available yet. (But this is just an example, all movies are affected by this.)

In the WebUI, this movie's destination is set as '\Movies\Normal\Movie A' which is expected, since I defined the path as \Movies\Normal when I added it.

If i go into nzb360 and look at that movie's details, it says the path is "/movies/". This is wrong, since it should show the path as /movies/Normal, at least.

If I try to change it, it correctly presents me with the choices I would expect: /movies/, /movies/normal/, /movies/kids/, and /movies/anime/

If I choose /movies/anime/ for example, it says 'changes saved' at the bottom. But if I refresh or back out a bit and go back in, the path is back to /movies/ and if I go over to the webUI, it's still set to /movies/Normal which is how it always was.

So two issues:

1. nzb360 isn't correctly showing the actual path that the movie is configured for.
2. Changing the path within nzb360 does nothing.