I noticed that after the latest update I was unable to validate my pro license while connected to my VPN. All I had to do was disconnect and it worked fine. But in any case, I thought I would mention the "bug" in case someone is in a location where they cannot be disconnected from their VPN.
Kev wrote:
Thu Feb 22, 2018 5:02 am
A VPN shouldn't affect retrieving your license unless the VPN restricts outside internet access.
This does still seem to be an issue while connected to my VPN. I use Private Internet Access and the do not block outside internet access. I have also noticed that this website is also inaccessable while connected to PIA. Can this be looked into why PIA servers are being blocked on the app and website?

Edit - The blocks may be related to some kind of anti spam list you are using. I've found that PIA gets put on a lot of those.
Yeah, apparently my hosting provider (Dreamhost)bblocks PIA for some reason. I am looking into a solution for this.

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