Now I'm a paying customer I thought I could throw in a couple of requests. I realize you're all focused on Radarr but it would be good to get this legacy issue resolved.

In Sonar once the file has downloaded could you remove it from the UPCOMING section?

Another thought I had which might be too big but can you use Sonar to determine the underlying file location? It would be great if you could long press on a show in your app and get the option to download it to your phone for viewing.


Peter Gillespie
NZB360 uses the Sonarr API to show certain info. I believe Sonarr keeps showing downloaded episodes in Upcoming until that day has ended. The issue lies with Sonarr, and thus that's where this should be 'fixed', if you would consider this a bug.

I suggest raising this issue with Sonarr developers.

For the latter, this also sounds like something that would have to be implemented on both ends. So, both NZB360 and Sonarr. I suggest using either Plex to manage your media (you can view remotely and with premium you can sync content to your phone), or enable remote access to your media location through a file manager like Solid Explorer and SMB/FTP.

Just my 2c
Good ideas.

I notice though that when a program has been downloaded it shows the episode if you look in the series info > season etc. on NZB360. So it might be an option but NZB360 could check if a show name exists and then override the sonar saying it is still UPCOMING. Would only need to check on shows listed for today.

It does seems to be a bug of sorts (presumably the Sonar API). Sonars own interface shows episodes as upcoming until the time passes and then they're overdue before showing as completed as soon as a suitable file is downloaded. It never shows a downloaded episode as upcoming. Upcoming is really a NZB360 construct that remains upcoming long after Sonar no longer shows it as upcoming itself.

On the viewing files, yes this is ambitious and unlikely IMO. I just wondered if its easier than it looks. I already have remote access to my local NAS (QNAP) and it can stream any file to the phone media player app of your choice. Just be nice if I could tap on the episode in NZB360 and have it make the connection for me. It seems unlikely this is a simple setup though.


Peter Gillespie
The calendar in Sonarr shows downloaded episodes in Upcoming, even if they have already been downloaded. Only after the day passed it disappears. This is the same source where NZB360 gets the info from. If it's 'fixed' in Sonarr, then NZB360 will reflect the same. I don't think the Sonarr development team considers this a bug. I recall it being mentioned on IRC once.
Good point. I think the difference is that Sonar s a full featured application. Yes it lists everything as UPCOMING on the left of the calendar but at the same time it also shows the actual status (Downloaded/Green) immediately to the right. In a nutshell, users know what is going on.

By definition showing a downloaded program as upcoming is incorrect but I can see why the Sonar Team don't think its worth making the interface more complex for the sake of syntax.

NZB360 can't (nor would you want it to) provide full Sonar functionality. Its designed to be an away from home method to keep in touch with what's going on at home. Its UPCOMING list essentially provides incorrect information. I'm requesting that (as with Sonar) if its listed under UPCOMING it should also indicate DOWNLOADED on the same screen. Using the method above it should be doable independent of the Sonar API.


Peter Gillespie
Should be doable. I understand what you're trying to achieve (to know if an upcoming episode was downloaded). I'll think of some ways to achieve this.

One thing Sonarr gets away with is that the calls it makes are local, so pulling in a ton of separate API calls is a bit easier on their webUI. I am sure there is something that can be done though, and I'll look into it.
Thanks and good luck,

Checking the app it definitely shows the downloaded quality and size (in green) in the series / season / episode area already. Hopefully you won't need to ping any more information than the app already receives.


Peter Gillespie
It's a lot easier when it's only one series to query that for. On the main page, I have to query all series individually to get that info, and you could have hundreds of series :)