I would really like to see uTorrent support (via its WebUi) in a similar fashion to SabNZBd support.
I know, I know, this is called NZB360 but I do use CP & SB with conjunction with uTorrent as torrents are my main method of download.
While I obviously realize this is out of the scope of the application's purpose, I think such a feature would really compliment this amazing piece of software.
Thanks in advance!
After NzbDrone, most of the Usenet services are in, so I may start adding Torrent services too. Current focus is on NzbDrone though.
Just stumbled across this awesome app--bought the Pro license after a day of testing it out. I add a +1 for uTorrent. Even though I mainly use NzbDrone and SABnzbd for TV shows, occasionally I have to fall back to using torrents for old episodes or ones that somehow fall through the cracks NZB-wise. This would make NZB 360 a one-stop-shop control panel for me. And probably many others as well.
I use transdroid right now and it has a nice widget for seeing the list of torrents. Adding torrent support plus a widget would truely be a one stop shop.
I was hesitant about submitting a feature request for transmission support because I was afraid that people all over would submit the same request for their favorite torrent client. I doubt the developer is looking forward to that but since the thread has started +1 for Transmission simply because the apps available suck
I would also love to see torrent support. Transmission would be my preference. I would love to stop using another app to check my CP downloads.