My search provider (nzbgeek) allows me to search for titles by their imdb index #. I like the feature because if there's something I am searching for that has a common name with thousands of other titles, then I can find exactly what I'm looking for by using the IMDB index number instead.

However, even though I have nzb360 configured to utilize my search provider by URL and API, searching by the imdb index doesn't return any results.

On nzb360, searching for "its alive" or "tt0071675" results in "error getting search results"

On nzbgeek.info, searching for "its alive" or "tt0071675" gives me the 1974 movie "It's Alive".

I found the index number by visiting imdb.com. I found the movie and located the number in the address bar.

Please consider adding the ability to search for programs based on the imdb index.

Thank you