While I am in love with nzb360, there are one or two things I would love to see added.

First Sysload in the Sabnzbd+ Server info pane would totally make my day. With that said, since its Linux backend only, im not so sure how hard that would be, also while I can find references to it no longer being missing from the API (oddly, only in the google search result snippet), i can not find anywhere on the wiki.sabnzbd.org/api page that references it.

The other thing is a little bit less straight forward. Let me explain. There are times when sickbeard finds an nzb that fails. If i go in and try to have sickbeard search for the episode again, unless it has been days since airing, it generally finds the same NZB again so I generally have to manually search. Okay no big deal and not your problem to fix, the problem comes in when this happens for older shows and for every episode, I find myself bouncing between sab and sickbeard only every time I go back into sickbeard, it takes me back to the 'home' page i have set in settings instead of the season for the show that i am working with (or where ever i might have been). I guess what i am asking is, is it possible to 'save' the state of one app while I pop out and into another?

I hope i'm making sense, if not let me know.

Once again, thank you for your amazing work.

Hey Luis,

I can take a look for an API relating to Sysload, but the Sabnzbd API does seem to be missing quite a bit of endpoints.

For your second point, this would actually require some re-architecture of nzb360 to do it right. Every time you switch services, I remove the old views from memory, as nzb360 generally takes up a lot of RAM because of all of the images that get loaded, so I try my best to be as efficient as possible. For newer phones, this isn't as bad of a problem, but for older phones, there is no way they can hold so many views with high-res images in RAM.

I can play around with an option to "save" history for newer devices. After NzbDrone, I can take a look.