I proxy my services through Apache in order to be able to access by DNS name instead of trying to remember TCP port numbers for every application. For external access, I use Digest auth to keep passwords from being passed in clear text. NZB 360 doesn't seem to support Digest Auth though. I've put my hostnames in the format user:pass@hostname but it's no go and I'm guessing it's a result of the Digest auth.
So, basic with SSL/SNI does not appear to work either. Apache reports that the SSL negotiation from NZB360 does not include the SNI hostname:

[error] No hostname was provided via SNI for a name based virtual host

It looks like it has to be passed by the application to the TLS library for SNI to work on the client.

So I'm stuck either way -- without either SNI or Digest support, I can't access my services remotely.
So, looks like I can make Apache "work" by disabling the strict SNI checking, but it throws extra errors.

So, would it be possible to:
1. Support SNI in the TLS request
2. Support digest auth?

I still prefer the digest auth in so far that if I use basic auth for HTTPS and digest for HTTP, I have to now manage 2 password files for Apache.

Thanks in advance!
I can't speak for every client, but I can speak for these both being the case for: Sonarr, SABNZBd, CouchPotato and Headphones. I also know that the (now ancient) Google Play version did not perform Digest auth on Sickbeard.
Oh, and thank you! I should add that NZB360 is absolutely awesome! I'm sure you hear it all the time, but once more never hurts, does it? I had purchased on Google Play long ago and I didn't realize it was no longer there until last week when I started wondering about Sonarr support. In any event, it was a no-brainer to repurchase it -- there was no hesitation. I can't say that there are many apps that I use which would pass the same test. It's really nice to see a dev support their product so well.