I just bought nzb360. It is simply the prettiest of nzb managers. Adding Mylar support would really make this great app even better! Any indication when this will be possible? Or maybe release a beta version of nzb360 to test things out?
Kev wrote:Some big items need to be knocked out on the todo list first, but then Mylar will be next.
Fantastic :D, looking forward to everything you've got heading our way.
So I'm waayy late to the game on this, but I'm an avid user of nzb360 - so I figured I'd chime in here.

The Mylar API is a complete mess - it was a quick ad-hoc grabbed directly from the headphones API, with some quick changes to try and get some things to work more-so to see if it was doable than anything else. I highly doubt that it's actually very usable at this point, but that's one of the reasons why I'm here.

I'm more than willing to work with Kev in order to get the Mylar API usable to the point where he can do his magic with his app - if he's of the same mind of course. I'm not in it for any compensation, nor am I worried about the revenue aspect (Mylar's open-source, what do I care). By me making changes to the API in mylar, Kev doesn't have to open up anything in his app to another developer, and I can definitely respect that.

Anything that needs to be done, or cleaned up - I can dedicate some time towards when required, and hopefully when it's all said and done it will expand both user bases' abit more than previously ;)

I just wanted to chime in here too, I only recently started using Mylar, and adding support for this would be great. That way, NZB360 would cover the bases:

Movies: CouchPotato
TV: Sonarr / SickBeard
Music: Headphones
Comics: Mylar
E-Books: Nothing worth adding yet

Making it probably the most versatile 'nzb app' manager program around. It's probably the most used app on my phone currently.
Hi I've just moved over to an android from ios so I don't have to keep jailbreak in to get an app like this

Having mylar supported would be amazing. Could you offer any update, I'm also happy to help test the app if required. Which I did for nzb unity on the ios when he added mylar