Hey, love this software. It *almost* does everything I need so I can uninstall everything else.

What it could really benefit from is android intents for .nzb files though. Say I'm in my browser on my phone, I want to add a nzb to my queue, but, oh right there's no chrome extensions to make this easier. But, when I download the NZB I can press it to open from the notification bar, and if NZB360 supports intents, it can then automatically send to sabnzbd for me.

Please consider this :)
I just tested it out of curiosity. Clicking on an nzb file causes it to download, after that you can press on the actual file to load it in the app. Directly pushing it from browser view to app isn't working.
If I understand correct what bluenote wants is to click on a url that points to an nzb file and have Nzb360 open it.

This does not work.

You have to download the file and open it in a file manager for Nzb360 to pick it up
Right, not sure I can have hooks within the browser. nzb360 does register for intents for any file ending in .nzb, so however that file gets added to the intent system within Android, you should be able to share it with nzb360 and upload the file to SABnzbd/NZBget.
Thanks gents. My problem was sabdroid has an intent as well, and even though there was no "default" set in either NZB360 or sabdroid inside android settings, sabdroid would be automatically chosen. Uninstalling automatically allowed NZB360 to process the intent, only to find out its an upgrade only feature :)

EDIT: F3b rightly interprets that what he describes is what I ACTUALLY want and that's awesome that its going to be implemented. But I was only expecting the less shiny version that I had and is currently implemented. Inside the browser handling for .nzb files is awesome