Tried that already. no dice. I know this isn't NZB360 related per say......I just figured people here would be able to help me out a little bit. I mean.....I'm able to add movies from NZB360 to Radarr, so I feel like the Dev certainly has this issue resolved and working.

Just really wanting this to work.
Kev wrote:Throw an extra slash in there like so: "H:\\Video\\Movies"
God damnit.....the Master replied RIGHT AS I FIGURED IT OUT TOO!!! I was just about to tell everyone LOL.

Anyway....yes, you are right! I needed to do the Path like this

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Kev wrote:Haha, nice!

Btw, since these require a lot of custom fields, how are you actually planning on using Tasker to add content?
I already figured that all out.

Tasker AutoWeb plugin is the answer. Look into it. That plugin has all sorts of Preset API Hooks into MANY services....Including IMDB, TVDB, MovieDB, and OMDB...basically a lot of the movie/television databases online.

I feed that Plugin my Movie title, it spits out ALL the custom field answers needed to add a movie into Radarr.

Now I will do the same for Sonarr.

The goal for all of this.....make a super easy Alexa/Google Home integration in Sonarr/Radarr.

"Ok Google, add Thor Ragnarok to Radarr"
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And I picked up the desired quality profile ID by researching an API query on my Profiles...I found the correct address for that query on another forum post somewhere
f3bruary wrote:How does it guess which exact movie you want ? The movie "Gone in Sixty Seconds" has a 1974 release and a 2000 release.
Short answer....Tasker takes the movie I say and displays a nice GUI where I then choose which Movie Title I actually want.

When I use Tasker AutoWeb TMDB API....The API results are given in a variable array in Tasker.... One Variable array for each output field requested. I request Title, ID, Poster path, Overview, Year, etc in the API. Results seem to be organized by popularity...or maybe release date...I'm not sure.

I use all these array variables to create a nice visual Webscreen (also Using Tasker to create the Display, specifically AutoTools Plugin). I see the results on my phone.....and pick which Movie I want.
So you use the app to search for a movie, then from the results it returns you pick the correct release and it adds it to Radarr ? So why not just.... use Radarr ? This can all be done in NZB360.
f3bruary wrote:So you use the app to search for a movie, then from the results it returns you pick the correct release and it adds it to Radarr ? So why not just.... use Radarr ? This can all be done in NZB360.
Because with my solution, I control how this whole procedure kicks off....through Tasker. Because of this, the process of adding any movie to Radarr is done in as few as one single screen and one single click

Here are some examples:
I can speak "Ok Google, Add Gone in Sixty Seconds to Radarr". One screen of results, one click.....Movie added.

I can press a Shortcut on my home screen to trigger a voice or text input prompt for the movie....

I can trigger a movie Input prompt with a Tile in my notification pulldown

I can trigger a movie input prompt by holding a physical button on phone.....or making a gesture on my screen.

The options are endless man........That is what Tasker unlocks for those who know how to use it.

I've attached an example screen which I make pop up showing the results and an Add / Next button and the associated trailer.....I'm still experimenting with the layout of it....like if I want the screen to display the top 3 results all together....or have that next button show the next movie result from my search.

Again, my point is I control how this works! nzb360 doesn't even offer a Shortcut option....but that's OK for me....because of what I can do hereImage