Would it be possible to add an indicator at the top of the phone in the status bar for when a download is taking place.
So if a file is downloading in SABnzbd, have a small indicator so I can check it out.
The concept of a download indicator is not bad. It could even be extended with a persistent notification panel item and even a home-screen widget.

The idea is good and I'm sure many people could find it useful, although I have to say I'm not one of those people.

I personally find it a little bit redundant. I regularly check NZB360 for any activity as well as the Web-UI on my laptop and notification icons in my web browser. I get notified via Pushover if any download is complete and I could optionally set some of the services to even notify on snatch.

This feature definitely couldn't hurt but if the developer decides to implement it, I hope he gives us an on/off switch.

Just my 2 cents ;)
I like the idea of a widget that is in the pull down notification, but at the same time possibly something in the app like potentially a very slim green bar at the top (under the title/refresh/add/settings icons) that shows current download progress, and when clicked will take you to the sab section to see all downloads. That way when in the app and looking at couchpotato or sickbeard you can still see how far along the current download is. Then make an option to turn that off for those that don't like it.