Fantastic work, but you know I have high regard for your abilities :)

1. So, since dashboard seems to be tied to a server, I wondered if it could be taken up a level, so that it would work over multiple servers.

The dashboard could show the amalgamated services of more than one server at the same time. So when ever a server was up, it could update the calendar

I don't know if this is something that you have planned to support and is on the todo list?

2. Make things like the calendar view caches the information, so if the server isn't running, it can show what was upcoming. Refresh when next connected.

3. I think like overs the Tap button needs to go, replaced I think as others have mentioned same icon, with a circle around, maybe in the green of NZB. If there is room, then put a number for actual elements to tab through. It gives a clear indication that it mat be worth hitting the button again. Or an arrow to pointing to the right.

4. If you managed the amalgamated view, put the server name by the side of the TV show ;) on the pop up view of the calender day view.

5. Sort out a patreon link or something of that ilk.

I think that's enough for today.


PS - Still waiting for the clone a server option ;)
1) I thought about this, but the sheer amount of data I could theoretically pull would be quite high. People's Sonarr/Radarr libraries on one server alone (and one service alone) can crash the app due to OOM (out of memory) errors, so doing that across multiple Sonarr/Radarr instances at a time, along with TMDB, Trakt, etc data would probably be a recipe for... a lot of crashing for folks. I won't rule this out, but is probably going to be a bit before I truly look into this. I totally get how valuable it would be though, and at the very least, I'll probably make it easy to switch which server you're managing directly in the dash.

2) Yeah, this is a good idea.

3) Yeah, getting quite a bit of feedback folks would rather just see the icon instead of it changing to Tap. I will change this, just don't know when I'll get around to it since I do want to figure out how to make the tap action discoverable.

4) Good idea

5) Thinking about adding an optional subscription directly within the app. I received a ton of requests for something like this with the release of v14, so I'll see what I can do. First thing's first though, I need to flesh out the Dash a little more and reduce some crashing before switching focuses on something like an optional subscription.

What's the use case for cloning a server again? Isn't the goal of a separate server to have different endpoints/API keys?
1. So, this really depends on whether the api end points for sonarr/radarr etc, allow for queries to be sent for a period of time. Lets say from Feb to April, if the user then moves onto May, the queries are resent for the next quarter.

Basically minimizing the requests into smaller more manageable chunks of data. A bit like next page/ next page, where each page is a month of data, from all applicable services. Though you may all ready be doing that.

As before you have a cache version ready to be display, which would only get refreshed once a day, with a refresh button at the top.

Lots of asynchronous queries :)

RE: Cloning, so sometime the server is truly another server, but sometimes the other server is the same box, but with a different set of docker containers, with some ports changed and the api keys are different, but some services are the same.

For example = Server 1 = Server 2a - running docker containers A, B ,C = Server 2b - running docker containers A, C, D.

You are less likely to have to need to double check the settings on another server, if you have just cloned the settings for that server.