Yatse (Kodi app), allows multiple ways to purchase and install a licence. One of which is to pay for the APK over Paypal. You submit the email address you want to tie it to, the install of the licence APK needs access to the Contacts upon install, verifies that the same email address is assigned to the phone, and installs. This allows users that don't use Google services on their phones to still pay for and use this app.
It would be great if we had a similar option with nzb360 as this is the only other app I really use that I'm not happy about having to sacrifice by the move to a de-Googled phone!
I second this.
nzb360 used to have a similar method to what swift backup is doing prior to moving the licensing to Google.
I would prefer not to use google play store and go back to how I initially purchase and licensed this application.