From the Radarr web gui there is an option to add tags for movies. Useful for specifing encoder type (hevc or x265).
But I can't see an option to view or manage tags from the app.
I use this functionalty all the time for Sonarr and have come to rely on it. Would be great to have it in Radarr too!

Could this be added in a future release?
Thanks in adavnce!
Tbf, with Radarr, you can attach those custom formats to quality profiles. That would be the Radarr way of doing it properly (not relying on tags as such). Good workaround until the feature is available
I would really love to get Radarr-Tag support.
As mentioned in the beta thread before it would be a pretty good thing for people who are bi-lingual or multi-lingual with special requirements on different types of movies.

*copy-paste from my older post*
When adding a movie i can choose Quality, Path, min. Avail. Monitor.
I really miss the additional option of adding right there tags that i defined in Radarr.
Wich is for my particular setup quite important/handy.
And the same goes for the workflow with the official IMDb App if find a movie and use share via NZB 360 to have that Tags option there too.
I would really love that... at the moment i always have to add additional steps.
go to Radarr (web-based) and add the specific tags for each movie.

P.S: For example some movies i need with 2 specific Audio languages which i already know what release groups are releasing it that way.
Other times i want a movie when it comes out only from even more specific groups that i know.
Because me my family and many of my friends are multilingual it's def. much easier to handle those things with pre-defined tags than building that setup completely new without any tags.