Hi guys.
I have a problem in that every time my router gets reset or something, the IP of my PC changes.

What if in the NZB360 settings, instead of putting for example the IP as "", I could use "" and it would automatically check 100-105. (It's usually one of those)

Or maybe a special character like "" and it would replace the # with 0, then 1 if fail, then 2, then 3, etc...

Or maybe even we could add ",,,,," and it would try them all until one connects successfully?

sorry, it's just annoying to keep fixing my settings when there is an IP change every week or two... I need to be able to add 2 or 3 alternative IP's.
If this can already be done, please tell me what setting I missed! Thanks!

Keep up the good work NZB360 Coder! Love that there is constant updates and new things!
Kev wrote:
Sat Dec 19, 2020 1:43 am
Simply set a reserved IP in your router or a static IP on the PC =)
Yep, as he says.

Tie the MAC address of the network port of the device you want to fix the IP address within the router. Normally in the advanced section of the router. This way you can see all the devices in one place what you have fixed the ip address on.

You also need to put the range of ip address for non fixed ip's above those of fixed ip devices, this avoiding any potential clash of ip address.

For example - to 30 (leave for fixed devices), to for devices which just need any ip address.

Or if that option isn't available and this is less ideal, fix it on the device.