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Single Forum thread for changelog (or similar RSS feed)

Posted: Mon Apr 27, 2020 10:34 pm
by RG9400
I just recently purchased nzb360, thanks for such an excellent product! I like to follow the development of products I am using via an RSS feed aggregator. Typically, I just follow the commits/releases on Github, but sometimes projects are not open sourced or publicly available. Often times, they then have a changelog that can easily be converted into an RSS feed such as a forum thread, e.g. I use this thread in my RSS feed for Plex (

I saw that you post the releases as separate threads in the Announcements category, which makes it difficult to aggregate into a single feed. It is a peculiar request, but is there a way you could post them in a single thread or is there any other way I can consume those changelogs in my RSS feed?

At the very least, know it's because I want to follow all the great work you are doing and to stay up to date with the app :)!