I used to use an app called nuVue but it looks like the dev has abandoned it. What it did was log in to your Plex or Emby server and show you what's playing, what's been recently added and what's up next. It would be nice to have this along with the current nzb360 features. I'd pay a premium for this functionality.
mattman86 wrote:
Mon Jan 07, 2019 5:11 pm
I think the OP would just like to have all of their server admin info/tasks in one app.
In that case, Organizr v2 would probably be a good choice. It's not a native Android app (web-based), but it offers a great all-in-one interface for managing a media server.

Organizr v2 supports all of the usual services (plex, emby, sonarr, radarr, tautili, and many more), and is highly customizable as well. It's also open-source on GitHub (I'm not sure if I can post urls as a new user; search for causefx/organizr).

If you're looking for a management dashboard, I think it's your best option right now.