Hello, I just wanted to say i really love nzb360 and I've also gotten dealert last night and i'm loving it also.
Is it possible to run the Releases search on my indexers for all the movies i've added to radarr.
The reason i would want this is because i may want to get the movie earlier then the designated
quality i specify on each movie IF the movie has a half way decent quality out on nzb.
Currently i have to go through each movie and run the releases search to see if I would
be willing to accept the lower quality for that particular movie, which is a bit time consuming.

Thanks for your response.
You could run multiple versions of Radarr.

Which if you are running docker you can do relatively easy enough. You just have a version which contains a list of early release titles, with the broader quality settings.

Point it to a separate directory which contains the pre release titles, you may grab, that way it doesn't mix with the other versions.