When adding torrents, it will always download to the same folder.

I want to have TV shows in one folder, movies to another and other files to other folders.

Can it be done that a can choose download location when adding a torrent through nzb360?
I'm talking about on the hard-drive.
I don't have just one folder, because in Kodi, I have different folders for movies and tvshows, so when kodi scans, it knows what kind of info to get.
I was not aware that there were both categories and tags.
I have only been using categories as labels, but now I see that you can specify a directory for each category. This works for me.

I have used the category as label, to sort which tracker each torrent comes from. Now I will use category for movies, TV shows ect, with different download folders.
But I still want to sort on different trackers. I can use tags for this.

But in nzb360 I can only choose the category (which solves my first issue), but not tags. So new feature request is to be able to choose both category and tags from nzb360.
Actually, the first request are still wanted.

The category "work around" only works if all the downloads within a category fits in the same folder. For movies this is OK.

But let's say that I have a folder C:/TV Shows", so I create a Category called "TV Shows" that is linked to that folder.

Then I download a full season of a show, let's say CSI.
This will then be stored at c:/th shows/CSI Season 1
So I can't make a folder for CSI to put season 1 into first.

Then when a new episode comes out, I will categorize it to TV Shows, but this will still be under c:/tv shows, but not under CSI or other folders spesific to that TV show.

To do this I have to make a new category for all shows I want to download and have to do this on my computer before adding it through Nzb360.

So please make it possible to choose download folder before uploading torrent.
I used sonarr and radarr before, but I like to find complete seasons for my shows, and also use the free leech on my private trackers when they have that.

So I like the manual way right now.

But can I use sonarr to sort the files downloaded from qbittorent?