You can also use a VPN. I have done so and now I can access all the services on my network without opening ports. Use certificate + password authentication and put client certs on you laptop and phone and you're all good to go.
I would love to take a look at your config for NginX, I am currently running apache2 and it works well, but with 14.04 on the horizon, i'm planning on a total rebuild of my server, this could save me a LOT of time. :D
Thanks. :)

So basically what this does is let you access it with ip:443/blah which points to the port the service is on?

edit: Decided to buy it after this solution, as $7.50 didn't seem that bad (owned it on Google Play since December 2012), then I found out it is $10...

That's correct. It also force redirects port 80-->443 (you can disable that). To generate the SSL cert, you'll need OpenSSL to create (easy process really). The is just my server's IP and the ports. That needs changed to reflect your setup. You can also change most of the /whatever urls but will need to configure each service to use that as the base URL to for it to work properly.