In Radarr, ALL tab, you have the ability to "search the movies in your library" at the top - very handy

in Sonarr, ALL tab, it does NOT have the same search feature, meaning you have to manually scroll through the mega list of tv shows you currently have manually
which is very slow compared to using the search in Radarr, obviously the more tv shows you have the longer this takes manually without search

so my request is to add to Sonarr, ALL tab - "search the series in your library" search box, same as Radarr

cheers and thanks for the great app.
interesting, this is probably a bug then.

i checked in the sonarr settings in nzb360, didnt see anything regarding this search which might have explained the difference between you and me

then i went into Visual Layout, nothing was selected in there at all, i then selected standard layout,
went back into it, and now Search has appeared.

if i go back into Visual Layout, it does show me what is currently active now, but before, none of these were selected,
i suspect its related to the issue
It's currently only enabled in the Standard or Standard with fanart views. I didn't know people actually used the other views. They were legacy views from the holo days. Didn't expect people to use them on material design.

Do you really prefer them over standard with fanart?

Kev wrote:Do you really prefer them over standard with fanart?
Yes, but I'll give the Standard view a go and see if I get used to it, seeing as that is what Radarr view is.

The show posters in Sonarr look slightly smaller than the movie posters in Radarr.

Also, with no show synopsis, it looks a bit empty, compared to the Radarr view.

Can anything be done there please?

Just my initial impressions.