Pretty self-explanatory - I already have the volume rocker to quickly switch between services, so an option to have the back button menu display a list of servers would be good.
Yep, but I'm happy enough using the volume rocker to switch services. Using the drawer is much slower, especially on larger devices that require stretching & repositioning when using one-handed to reach the list at the top left. Doubly so for changing servers which need to be dropped down first.

The suggestion was for an option to have servers, rather than the current services, on the back button menu. This would enable a person to switch services with the vol rocker & switch servers with back key then selecting from a box in the centre of the screen--a quick one-two action--making one-handed use so much easier, especially on larger devices.

I understand something like that would never be high priority, even if you did consider it, but I just found nzb360 this past weekend and figured I'd make a couple of suggestions.