I use multiple private trackers for movies and anyone else who does this will know it's almost impossible to get Radarr to use a preferred one. For this reason, I rarely use the "Add + Search" option because I know Radarr will not pick the one I want it to. In Radarr's web interface, this is OK because as soon as you've added a movie, you can click the "Already Exists" button or the "Go to Movie" notification that appears to jump straight to the movie and do a search. Could a similar thing be added to 360?

The flow I'm after is: [+] -> [Add Movie] -> [Search] -> Select movie -> [Add] -> [Jump to movie] -> [Releases] -> [Search for releases]

At the moment, after adding the movie I have to navigate back to the [All] tab, search for my newly added movie, select it then do a search.