I would like to request support for Medusa. Medusa is a fork of SickRage, so I can already add it, but it seems like not everything is working. The upcoming, missed and history tabs are working, but the shows tab is not. All I get is "No TV shows". Unsure if the search button works.


I'll take a look, but I highly suggest using Sonarr. nzb360's support for Sonarr is a lot further along than SickBeard (or its forks) at this point.
Unfortunately I run everything on an older ReadyNAS and last time I tried Sonarr it was much more resource intensive than SickRage and slowed the whole NAS down.
If you ever need help to fix this, I am an Android developer myself and would love to have a look at it. Would really like a fix for this.
I'd like to second this, adding Medusa via sickbeard doesn't work.
Only half the shows show up, only shows added via thetvdb work, tvmaze and tmdb shows don't.
Can't preform manual searches, only forced searches.
Can't do subtitle search nor manual subtitle searches.

My 2 cents is that in order to fully support Medusa it needs to use the V2 api and not the legacy v1 from sickbeard.