Hi Kev.

Just a thought, but when clicking on the IMDB icon, could NZB 360 open the IMDB app (if installed) rather then opening a Web page please?

I think the user experience would be better.


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Interesting one there, maybe make it a configurable option.

One of the problems with the webpage, is on my phone and the previous one, if I wanted to scroll sideways on the cast photo's, it was a very slow process, requiring many many swipes for sometimes very little lateral movement.
Yeah, I can take a look into adding this. Might be tricky in a few places like Radarr/CouchPotato because of the swipe, but I'll figure something out.
Yup, I understand. In Radarr, for example, you can "swipe" the tabs to get to IMDb. This would be an odd way of opening the app, so I'll have to think of something. No worries.

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