When I grab content, I'm needing to check PLEX for 2 things:
1. Does this title exist?
2. What's the quality?

Once you've selected a title from your favorite indexer, within NZB 360 'sexy movie layout' page, 2 links at the top left of page.
1. Details 2.IMDB 3. Plex(?)
The Plex page would display the content (if available ) as it would in the plex app.

Thoughts or suggestions?

This would certainly help me when updating my media library with higher res content and avoid duplications on the ones I can't remember.

Thanks in advance for your consideration!
Why not use Radarr to manage downloading your content for you, which would make it easy to track titles you have + their quality?
I was holding off on installing Radarr as its still in beta, but can certainly give it a try.
Regarding Plex.
These use-cases are fairly common (does the title exist/title quality). With Plex having ~5M users, this integration would have a wider appeal.
Displaying elements from 'get info' within the Plex app would be all that's needed.
Radarr will be in beta for many months, if not years, to come.

As long as you're on the master channel, you shouldn't have any issues.

I run the nighties channel and that's pretty stable itself.