I mentioned to Kev recently that I recently realized nzb360 has become the place I learn about all the new hot shit in the community. It was the first place I saw the term "nzbdrone" (now Sonarr), and I've been a loyal user ever since. Similarly, just a few weeks ago, it was nzb360 where I learned of Radarr, the movie-focused fork of Sonarr.

I took the time this weekend to install and configure Radarr, and IMHO, it is light years better than CP (CouchPotato). I've been a loyal CP user since v1, and, it's been a pretty bittersweet relationship. CP's transition through major versions has historically been very bumpy. I had to completely wipe and re-install multiple times to get through bugs I had to figure out were the result of auto-applied update issues. But more importantly though, the UI was just confusing and unintuitive to me. Every time I went to CP, I found myself wondering what to click on to find movies I wanted versus ones I already had. Worse, I couldn't find info I really wanted, like what the exact filename of the movie I've downloaded was, where it's located, when it was downloaded, why it's that shitty version and not a better one (i.e.: the success/fail download history).

Radarr nails all of this. I find it extremely clear how to navigate to movies I have, movies I want, and see the status of what's out there. I can see exactly what file was downloaded for a given movie from the movie detail page, and the history of the dozens of download attempts that failed (thanks, usenet DMCA takedowns).

Radarr is still technically in alpha or beta I think as of this writing, so it's certainly not perfect, but overall I'm thrilled with it, and will be shutting down and removing my CP instance shortly. Just a few minor issues I've found thus far. I wasn't sure how to tell it what my default download folder was (it seems to infer that the first time you try to add movies from the main landing page - something that wasn't natural to me given how much time I spent in the settings area - I would have expected it there). Also, it's incredibly resource-intensive when doing those first scans, and seems like it gets hung up - not sure. The resource utilization was high but not frozen, however, the ui wasn't indicating what was happening, just a seemingly never-ending "updating library" spinner. I felt the need to restart my machine multiple times after multiple hours of that apparent stuck state. No idea if it actually would have completed ok overnight. It also doesn't seem to support .avi files very well. Apparently I have those, but I'm seeing less of those in favor of the lovely mkv format, so, I'm really not too concerned with that.

I'm sure those issues will improve over time. Overall, I have great confidence in how it works, how to tell what's going on, and that I don't have to babysit it. Quite an amazing achievement given how young of a product it is. Kudos to the developers, this is a fabulous piece of software.

So, I hope this post was informative. Would love to hear your thoughts. Kudos to Kev for yet another wise integration addition to nzb360.