I just noticed this morning, when doing a search that nzb360 is missing from the play store. I searched online and within the play store app on my phone.

When I looked in my installed app list on my pixel 4a, it wasn't listed either.

I updated to 13.9.6 a couple of days a go - problem with the update?

Anyone noticed anything similar?

Google playing silly buggers? Someone got the app pulled? Or just a problem my end (I had a friend check and they are seeing the same thing) ?

I hope this isn't a repeat of 2014.

Yes, Google did remove nzb360 due to an old pre-alpha build that had some old security issues (from 4 years ago). I wasn't aware Google took those pre-alpha builds into account (since you cannot remove them), and they flagged that old build no one is using as an issue.

I've updated that build and sent it to Google for review. Should hopefully be back shortly.