Maybe someone can point me in the right direction. The ATV issues are addressed somewhat in the Shield thread, but I didn't want to hijack it.
I run this on two boxes (Android and ATV) but use them the same way (leanback style remote.) In Android, any navigating of categories in an indexer and hitting ok returns an immediate result as if a search was performed instead of opening that category. Using an airmouse with the cursor active, ok works correctly. Cursor off, issue returns, same ok button. So the wrong keycode is being sent in that mode, and the search is basically broken. I use a keymapper, but not perhaps not correctly?
Also I'd like to chime with shield owners for a home row icon in ATV, altho the app drawer is fine, and also for better navigability overall with leanback remote (ie, up-down-left-right arrows and ok/select can let you do most everything)
Thanks, the app is very convenient, and for me something I primarily run on the TV not the phone or tablet.