Hey Kev,

Sent you a PM but somehow the message is stuck in the "Outbox" and doesn't appear in the "Sent" box, so I'm guessing
you never got it.

So here it is:
I'd like to buy a pro license but my phone is GAPP-less. So I have no google apps, nor google play service on my phone.
All my apps are from FDroid.

I can still manage to get apps that are only available on the Play Store such as nzb360, but obviously is impossible
for me to buy the license as it directs me to choose a google account, which I don't have.

I bought a license a while ago for TitaniumBackup, and the dev gave me a License text file that I need to put at
the root of my SD card storage, and the app detects the file and activates the pro features. Not sure if it's something
you can do.

Is there a way to pay for your Pro version without Google? Any method of activation is fine by me; what I mentioned
above is just an example.