On reflection I'd suggest just do it. Why worry about upsetting the existing membership? What are they going to do, not pay you anything more for using your program? That's the current arrangement ;o)

Users in this area understand its a fast moving industry subject to sudden changes. One moment you're on PayPal, the next not. One moment a supported app, the next not. One moment compatible with Sick beard the next not, etc. One moment free for life the next not.

I'd just bite the bullet and explain the current model in unsustainable. You can have a one off price for a set finished product (like a game) but something that requires ongoing support to just stand still not to mention further development requires a similar payment structure.

Its up to you how you rejig the balance.

Very Basic ($z - one off). Current Features ($x/yr) . Premium Features ($y/yr) ?
Trial (free), Standard ($x/yr), Premium ($y/yr)
Lifetime Subscription? ($k?)
Maybe current users get 6-12 months more before their premium status is revoked?
Perhaps an ongoing discount for all current users (half price subscriptions?)

Anyway that's for you to decide. Current pricing is $10. Perhaps change that to cover say two years (any current users get at least a two run for their already paid $10) and then maybe charge $5 for each two year block after that? It's a great program and $2.50 a year is peanuts for the functionality it provides people saving money in other areas.

Peter 0.02
I wouldn't mind paying an annual subscription, like I do for my indexers, perhaps around the $10-$15 per year.

I'd prefer annual to monthly.

Just a thought.
I too would prefer a annual, it just saves the agro of monthly transactions.

With an annual subscription, which once the year runs out, my version of the software, is locked at that point, I just don't get the updates if I don't renew (Bar a patch release(s) for that point release, that I lapsed on.

It is a fully functional version, since I would have paid up to that point.

So a patch release would deal with issue in say 6.2.1, 6.2.2. Once the 6.2 was all hunkey dory, 6.3 could be rolled out.

For yourself, to keep people happy and subscribing, you would need to a long term plan of what would go in to each release, 6 , 7 , 8 and so on (An internal development plan say). Expecting that people may let their subscription lapse for a while, waiting for a must have feature.

Maybe just go with the current price, and renew that each year, you just need a mechanism to manage it. The fact is the users would still have a fully functional piece of software when the license runs out.

The biggest problem, is changes to interfaces which are outside of your control, how do you manage that .... ?
Great discussion, guys. This gives me a bit more confidence going this route. In terms of monthly vs. annual, I'd most likely use the built in Google Play subscription stuff, so it shouldn't be a hassle to auto-renew.

I would definitely make sure current PRO users are handled with care, whether that be a longer trial period of some sort, or some other way to give back thanks to the current PRO userbase.

This gives me a lot to think about. I really want to make sure, as skar mentioned, a roadmap of features that would make the sub worth it. I've got a ton of ideas, just need to flesh them out a bit more.
skarbd wrote:
Fri Jul 13, 2018 3:27 pm
The biggest problem, is changes to interfaces which are outside of your control, how do you manage that .... ?
Without knowing the internal structure of the app, and basically spit balling, could the interface to the various services you link NZB 360 to (e.g. Sonarr, SABNzbd etc), be turned into a separate module, which could be updated independently to main NZB app. Which you could update separately to the main app (More work ;) ). It may already be broken down to this level.

The reason being, it would allow people who didn't continue subscribing, have their version of NZB 360 , ride out API changes. They wouldn't get new application functionality, but the application would continue working (To be the best of interface modules abilities).

Thoughts ?
I too would prefer annual (and hassle free). Keep in mind Google might get fickle again and suddenly payments could become a pain once more. Good luck with your thoughts. My main nice to have would be some way to access the files I download to my NAS directly via NZB360 and either stream or transfer them to my phone on demand.

Peter Gillespie
I just opened the newly updated Material 2 app and..wow! As I poked around futilely for a donate button I re-opened What's New and noticed the little accompanying animation and got a little misty-eyed.

FWIW: I'd probably have donated $10 or $15. I easily get that much utility from it every year, every now and then I realize I'm an adult and can afford to make that payment.

In a sense, that impulse is me saying I'd like to pay $15 (roughly) a year vs. evaluating whether Prime's benefits are worth $36/yr.

Funny thing is though - I'd probably do a $3/mo Patreon to support your overall programming efforts - because Dealert totally seems like the kind of thing that simplifies something I already do in the same way nzb360 does.

I don't even know what else you're working on, but a $36/yr all-apps Creative Cloud kind of thing would be of interest. I personally prefer to have my monthly creator payments|donations grouped together via Patreon. And I'd rather make recurring annual payments, but I realize creators really need monthly income (and there are processing and service fees etc).

I dunno - I think there's a lot of psychology (and occasionally some psychoactive substances) involved in people's app-payment decisions.

What you could definitely do, now, easily, is add a FAQ about [Want to donate? PayPal to ...] or a button at the bottom of the Pro License Validation screen. And put something on the website! Because maybe I missed it, but there's just links to the app stores - I ended up here, not at a PayPal form.

I mean, if you often get inquiries from people asking how to (financially) support your work ... maybe a lot of them, like me, are just looking for a button that takes us to a familiar|trusted payment processor like PayPal or Patreon.
I'm down with Prime.

Have you considered opening a Patreon? I've seen a lot of creators generating a solid revenue using this service, it's a nice way to also create community.

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