I have always wondered how people score apps.

You have an app like NZB 360, which does a specific job, which tends to score 4/5 5/5 99% of the time, yet people score it 3 and lower, yet seem to give no reasoning as to why.

Like "I thought it did x, it does y, therefore it doesn't do what I thought it should do so I will score it lower".


"I can't make it work, therefore the app must be crap, heaven forbid I am at fault, the other users must be genius".

And so on.

To Kevin, you must have the patience of a saint.
yeah that sucks. Some people simply don't give perfect scores because no app is truly 'perfect'. Others might not like the design. Every now and then a competitor can purposely give a low rating to make his own app come out better.
Haha, if someone has a legit reason for a 1 star, I don't get upset and I generally try and help those folks. I really care about people having a good experience.

But those low star ratings with no helpful info are maddening. I legitimately want to help folks have a good experience with the app, and if you provide no info, it helps no one!

The worst are star hostages though. I am generally not a fan when folks leave 3 or 4 stars that say "you'll get the last few stars when you implement X." I generally take the approach of, unless it's an obvious missing feature, or the app name/description may have misled you to believe that the feature already existed, folks should rate on what the app does and how it does it or how it compares to other apps like it, not which specific feature you want the app to have. It's fine to leave suggestions in reviews, but I would much prefer to hear about feature requests using the Send Feedback feature.

Though, I can't really complain at all. The userbase of nzb360 has always been very supportive and friendly. The handful of sour apples, while frustrating, are thankfully few and far between. You guys are awesome.
So true, everything you said. It is what it is, I guess. That's why you don't look at a single review or score. I would prefer a system where for example top and bottom 10% of scores are discarded.
I don't score apps. If I like an app I support it and the dev with paying for a full copy. I wish I new how to donate to you @kev. As others have said this is hands down the best app for controlling everything I use.