Version 10.5
  • NEW: Completely revamped Sonarr's missing tab. It will now show all missing episodes, the UI has been updated, and the menu allows quick toggles of many helpful options.
  • NEW: [PRO] You can now delete episode files within Sonarr. This works with individual files, whole seasons, or whole shows.
  • IMPR: You can now choose to ADD + SEARCH when adding a new series to Sonarr.
  • IMPR: Downloaded nzb files from Search will now save to the standard Android Download folder instead of the custom nzb360 Downloads folder.
  • IMPR: The manual episode search pane in Sonarr will now close when the back button is pressed.
  • IMPR: UI tweaks in Radarr for smaller devices.
  • FIX: The series detail view in Sonarr will no longer display a -- for the size on disk when entering from the upcoming or missing tabs.
  • FIX: Deleting a movie after searching for it in Radarr will no longer cause the All tab to revert to the "No Movies" display.
  • FIX: nzb360 will no longer crash when backing out of the file chooser.
Let me know what you think of this release! =)