Version 10.4
  • NEW: Radarr's movie detail view UI has been revamped, which includes native Youtube viewing of movie trailers.
  • NEW: You can now quickly unmonitor all movies that have been downloaded in Radarr via the overflow (3-dot) menu.
  • NEW: You can now edit a series' season folder setting in Sonarr.
  • IMPR: Improved touchability of fast scroll bar when you're at the top of lists (this will prevent accidentally refreshing the list instead).
  • IMPR: Improvements to the Upgrade to PRO process.
  • IMPR: Significant improvements to the Cloud Backup/Restore process.
  • FIX: Better handling of "Download" status in Sonarr for upcoming shows with long episode names.
  • FIX: Stability Improvements.
Let me know what you think of this release! =)
Great work as always .... just need to get round to upgrading from 9.3 beta :)
Kev - I'm still seeing downloaded movies showing in the SOON tab.

Is the WANTED tab request moving up your To-do list, as I think that will remove the above issue?

That is by design. SOON tells you movies arriving soon, so you can know when they will be available. The color of the release tag tells you if it's downloaded or not. Once it's downloaded, you un-monitor, no? If you turn on smart filtering, it will hide all un-monitored movies.

At least that's the way I use it.
In Radarr, once a movie has downloaded, it is removed from the WANTED list.

It then doesn't matter if it's monitored or not.

Also, in my WANTED tab in Radarr, I have 20+ move, but in SOON, there are only 5. What criteria do you use please?
Is it available within the next 28 days for example?

Will we have a WANTED tab added to NZB 360?

The wanted tab is still in the works, no worries.

SOON is any monitored movie that is going to release in the next 30 days, as that is when it will most likely start showing up in indexers so you can see what will be coming soon.